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不論在公司內開會或外出見客,每天工作都面臨大量需要充電的情況。但前往距離幾步的會議室卻要帶著筆記本,手機,電腦,充電器等一大堆東西,更不用提去跟客戶開會時給人的形像,有夠煩人! 以極致環保方式打造的imSTONE石頭紙品牌最近就推出了一本智能筆記本,內置充電器,無線的也行。還有8GB USB及卡片收納口,RFID書套即使放信用卡進去也絕對安全,更不用提那獲獎無數的石頭紙了!


  • RFID防盜封套, 內頁4x卡片收納

  • 封面無線充電, 並設電話收納格

  • 磁力封口與8GB USB手指 (U盤)

  • imSTONE Smart Binder 充電器

  • Lightning|Micro USB|Type-C 電話充電

  • 4粒LED電量顯示燈


  • 曾榮獲德國紅點設計獎

  • 製作過程絕無污染

  • 不砍樹木,不使用水,不排放廢水,不排放廢氣

  • 石頭紙防水、耐拉扯,可光降解

  • 手感特殊,質感強烈

  • 肓潮濕,抗發霉

  • 配合可擦原子筆有特別效果

  • Specifications 產品規格

  • Size 尺吋: 18 cm × 23.8 cm × 4 cm (7 1/16" × 9 3/8" × 1 9/16“)
    Cover Material S 書套物料: PU leather
    imSTONE Rewritable Pages Inserts 石頭紙內頁設計:
     weekly planner (56 sheets), check list (8 sheets), prioritization matrix (8 sheets), square pages (16 sheets), and blank pages (16 sheets); 104 sheets (208 pages) in total

    Additional Features 產品特點:

    • RFID blocking cover |RFID防盜書套

    • 4 card slots |4張卡糟

    • Cover pockets to secure and charge your phone |封面電話收納格

    • Pen loop |筆收納

    • Magnetic fastener with an 8G USB flash drive |磁力封口與8GB USB手指 (U盤)

    • USB In Port |USB 充電 (為imSTONE Smart Binder充電)

    • Lightning Out Port |Lightning 電話充電

    • Micro USB Out Port |Micro USB 電話充電

    • Micro USB to Type-C Adapter | Micro USB 至 Type-C轉換頭

    • Battery Capacity Indicator with 4 LED |4粒LED電量顯示燈

    Suitable Writing Tools: ballpoint pen, erasable pen, pencil, permanent marker

    任何筆適用, 但當使用可擦原子筆時會有額外效果


    注意事項 Don’ts of Using a Power Bank

      1.Don’t charge devices with different charging specifications

    Never use the power bank to charge electrical devices it is not designed to charge. Otherwise, it could potentially damage the external battery charger.

      2.Don’t expose the power bank to wet environment

    Always make sure to keep the power bank in a cool, dry place. Never immerse it in liquids, chemicals, soap or detergent.

      3.Don’t disassemble the power bank on your own

    If you’re having problems with the device, refer to the user’s manual. Don’t disassemble, repair, or replace its parts without professional guidance.

      4.Don’t drop the power bank

    The power bank contains a circuit board and other fragile components inside. Always make sure to handle it carefully. Don’t drop or throw it.